I was born and raised in Mississippi.  My dad was a football coach and my mom was a teacher.  After graduating from college with a degree in history and trying out a few jobs, I joined the United States Air Force.

I learned how to write thanks to a really demanding college professor and a friend who thought our adventures overseas in the service might make a funny blog.  The professor made me question my sanity a couple of times, but ultimately convinced me that I had at least a little talent at this whole writing thing.  The friend was right, and at least a dozen people laughed when they read about how much fun was had by a bunch of young Americans who had signed up to wear the uniform.  

I now work in education in South Florida, where I live with my wife and son and an English bulldog.  Rick Frost & the Alaskan Adventure is the first book in the "Rick Frost" series; Rick Frost & the Sword of Calibum is the second book in the series.

And yes, I do have a pen name (Scott Chase) where I write books geared toward adults.  You can find those titles on the Scott Chase Books page.  The first title will be a collection of noir short stories called The Backseat Virgin: A South Florida Noir Collection.  It will be released in July 2011.  Also, I have a thriller called The Chosen that will be released in April 2012 by Champagne Books.