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RICK FROST & THE ALASKAN ADVENTURE - 14-year old Rick Frost and his best friend, Ben Nakni, sign up for the school trip to Alaska, they want to prove himself in the wild. When they pull Alexis Blair, Hollywood's hottest teen actress from the burning wreckage of an airplane, Rick thinks he's had his adventure. But when the shooting starts, he knows it’s just getting started.

The crash was no accident; someone wants Alexis dead and that puts Rick and Ben in the cross hairs. They’re miles from civilization with no help in sight and Rick is the only one who can lead them to safety. He’s wanted an adventure his whole life and he’s not about to turn his back on this one. What starts out as a rescue attempt turns into a deadly race across an unforgiving wilderness.

RICK FROST & THE ALASKAN ADVENTURE has been hailed by best-selling author Anne Simko as "one incredible ride!" Award-winning writer Mark Terry says "I enjoyed it!" Sign up for excitement, sign up for adventure, and strap on your "roll cage". This is the first adventure for America's newest action hero, Rick Frost!

RICK FROST & THE SWORD CALIBUM - Rick Frost is back and this time he’s chasing a legend!

Rick is spending a semester overseas in England. His new friend CJ, the son of the Prince of Wales, invites him to a fun, relaxing weekend. But action is never far away when Rick Frost is around.

A group of terrorists take all of the guests hostage… except Rick. He’s alone and the only hope CJ and the other kids have. The leader of the terrorists demands that the English government turn over the one thing that can unite the country.

Now Rick has to join forces with a shadowy, well-funded group of treasure seekers to find the only thing that save CJ’s life… Excalibur!