Saturday, March 26, 2011

Go And Do Likewise

I am one of the converted, and apparently, being one of those entails converting others. No, I'm not talking about some religious thing. Rather, I'm talking about self-publishing. Since I took the plunge, and people found out about it through this blog, my Facebook, my Twitter, or just from old fashion word of mouth, they seem to think I am equal parts guide, motivational speaker, sage and the literary equivalent of a tight-rope walker the person has to wish luck to as I take each dramatic step.

Look, I'm no different than anyone else. Unlike Christopher Walken in that famous SNL skit, I don't make gold records. I don't write best-sellers... yet. I do have some talent for crafting pretty interesting and entertaining tales. But that doesn't mean I have the answers.

I let five or six writer friends know that I was self-publishing, showed them the cover for my book which comes out in May (Rick Frost & the Alaskan Adventure, soon to be available on your local e-reader, tell your friends!), and they now come to me with all their questions. And I am happy to send them to the ones with the really good answers. See, I love the following quote and live by it: "The true mark of genius is knowing what you do not know." I think Aristotle said that one. Or Socrates. Or not. Oh well, if no one steps up to claim it, then I am. There, I said it. I don't have all the answers. But I am happy to send people to the folks who do. Here they are:

Joe Konrath is the pied piper. We all know that. And if you don't, then I've just told you. Amanda Hocking and her success is the goal we all hope to attain. John Locke is not only the name of the coolest character on "Lost," he is also the self-proclaimed (and if sales are any indicator, its a title he's earned) Best Ninety-Nine-Cent Writer on the Planet. And Barry Eisler is our Martin Luther, and his turning down of a half-a-million dollar advance on his next book to self-publish is the nailing of the 99 Theses on the door of the publishing world. These are the people you should read, get to know and ask things of. I'm simply following their collective lead.

But, I'm here if you need me.


  1. You'd be surprised at all the questions that get thrown my way as well, but, like you, I don't mind imparting the knowledge I've gained doing research over the last few years.

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  3. Nice post Todd! I look forward to reading your new Blog and your book- Congrats!

    Author of The Greek Seaman novel.

  4. Self-publishing seems to polarise people - is it The Great Scourge Of Publishing or The Next Big Thing?
    Of course, it's neither - it's just another option for those of us who like to spin a yarn. And like all options in the publishing world, it's important that we go into it with our eyes open. So thanks for this post, Todd!

  5. Hello, I'm stopping by from JL Jackson's blog. Nice to 'meet' another fellow writer, and welcome to the Bloggerhood. :)